These Childlike Games.
You can't help me now,
these wounds have been buried to deep,
where do i begin?
it's hidden under my skin.

i'm forever in this cage,
stuck behind this screen,
you can't hear a word,
and still i will scream.

can't you see that i'm hurting,
can't you see i'm in pain,
or is this still just funny,
is this still just a game?

you can't teach me new tricks,
it's sink or it's swim,
until this life's over,
can it really begin?

i need you to help me,
but still you just stand,
i'm drowning in this life,
please offer your hand.


black rose said...

beautiful pics!! i really like that one of the girl and the suitcase

Pansieberry said...

lovely photos and poem. I love photography like that; I guess it would be "indie." (?)

SeaGrape said...

Beautiful poems...and pictures!

Anonymous said...

i don't believe i thanked you for following my little blog, all those weeks and days and hours ago.
but it was everso loverly of you!


Anonymous said...

lovely! x

above.the.sky said...

LOve the post. Love the banner. Love love love.

Stompface said...

ohh so pretty! I likey.