he traced the lines of her hands,
creating a story with characters that cannot be seen.
he looks into her eyes with the innocence of a boy,
tainted by the realities of the world.
He could say anything, hurt her, break her, tear her up, and spit her out.
and it would sound like a symphony to her.

she ruffles his hair, which falls back into place,
reliable, loyal, not at all like him.

he touches her lips; soft, vulnerable, sweet,
not at all like her.

their laid bare,
every fault line a bridge in time,
bringing them together.
lies stripped back,
and minds picked apart,
this was their love.


poppy said...

i know i say this every time but your writing is just amazing! i love love love it. it's all so beautiful... i admit i'm jealous! xx

Anonymous said...

I agree with Poppy, amazing.