The Princess and The Fox.
her eyes lit up like fireflies
her gaze floating around the ballroom,
never landing on one particular person,
just the amazement of seeing so many people,
happy all at once,
and dancing in unison.
she brushed a loose strand of hair from her face,
tucking it behind her mask,
whose sequins danced in the light.
tonight she was a princess,
she didn't feel hidden behind her mask,
more a reflection of what she felt inside her,
what she always had.
then along came a fox,
in a sharp suit and white shoes.
"would you care to dance?"
came the voice from his lips,
he almost sounded like a fox as well,
sly and charming.
"i can't dance."
she said automatically.
"saying you can't dance,
is like a priest saying he cannot pray,
a thief saying he cannot steal,
and a mother saying she cannot love.
dancing is something you're born with."
and with that he took her hand,
and they floated for awhile,
like contented ghosts,
they seemed to be a miles above everyone else.
all that was there was the sound of piano keys,
trumpet tunes,
and violins weeping.
all combining to make a grand symphony,
that filled the room.
that engulfed them,
surrounding them,
cradling them in the melody.
she looked into his eyes,
and then she realised that this was love in her heart.
love that could not,
should not,
shall not be contained.
this September night,
a night like any other,
had changed the course of their lives forever.
that night was the night,
the princess fell in love with the fox.


Tilli said...

Lovely, I didn't realise the poems were your own!

poppy said...

just gorgeous :)