These Childlike Games.
You can't help me now,
these wounds have been buried to deep,
where do i begin?
it's hidden under my skin.

i'm forever in this cage,
stuck behind this screen,
you can't hear a word,
and still i will scream.

can't you see that i'm hurting,
can't you see i'm in pain,
or is this still just funny,
is this still just a game?

you can't teach me new tricks,
it's sink or it's swim,
until this life's over,
can it really begin?

i need you to help me,
but still you just stand,
i'm drowning in this life,
please offer your hand.
This Town
on dew covered lilies,
sunshine glistens,
i close my eyes,
and begin to listen,

flowers growing,
rivers flowing,
towers crashing,

men re-building,
tattered lives,
a babies cry,

mischievous children,
and broken wives,
teachers crying,

devils play,
in this towns shadows,
on this cold day.
Scar Me
footsteps in the corridor,
of who, i can never be sure.

so many ghosts,
inside my head,
whisper, whisper,
with weight like lead.

they drag me down,
i don't want to stand,

they scare me, they scar me
please take my hand.
The Lesson

I see the world through butterfly wings,
drips from my lips, my sadness sings,
a thousand tales, that shouldn't be told,
i have to break free, to break the hold.

i see your light, so far away,
hold me darling tonight we sway.

tomorrow i leave, into the snow,
tomorrow my darling, i must go.
the light fades, the butterflies die,
in the snow, here i lie.
every thought in my head,
screams of disaster
and you keep falling,
faster and faster.

all i want is to fly,
from the tops of these trees,
i keep asking why,
i caught this disease.

my twisted laugh,
and bitter smile,
i lay here now,
i lay for awhile.


You're Always With Me,
i can see your danger,
i can taste your sadness,
i breathe your love,
i detest your maddness.


The Winter Dancers.
winter rain falls,
from the dark grey sky,

to nestle in the tendrils
of your honey golden hair.

finding shelter from the cold,
you hide under my jacket,
i shiver in the mist,
but to watch you dance,

to watch your smile in the harsh, dark light,
is enough to make me forget all the seasons.

you are my summer, autumn, winter and spring.